November 30, 2022 2 min read

Jiao Gu Lan is a very useful herb in Laminitis recovery. Because of the herb’s ability as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it has beneficial effects for horses suffering from Laminitis. It also has a powerful ability to increase blood flow in the hoof due to its ability to modulate nitric oxide.

Once Laminitis treatment has begun and the underlying cause found and addressed, Jiao Gu Lan herb can be introduced to support recovery.

Jiao Gu Lan encourages good circulation through the hooves by relaxing the blood vessels and encouraging regrowth of vessels in areas that have been damaged.  It also has an anti-clotting effect.

The hooves may grow at a more rapid rate and horses harbouring collections of fluid/infection in the feet may become more lame within the first week or two of starting as these collections begin to mobilize.  It is very common for abscesses/collections to surface and drain in these first few weeks.


500kg Horse – 1.5 g or ½ teaspoon TWICE DAILY
Increase to 2-4g twice daily, do not exceed 15g/dose

250kg Pony – 1g or 1/3 teaspoon TWICE DAILY
increase to 2-4g twice daily, do not exceed 10g/dose

Mix into a paste for the horse/pony to lap up, or suspend in water and give by syringe or mix into a small amount of feed.


  • pinker color to gums and tongue (check this before you start giving Jiao gu lan)
  • more alertness
  • more energy
  • more freedom of movement

Do not start Jiao Gu Lan until the horse's digital pulse settles and any pain medication is stopped.

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