Black Horse

Recommended by Dr Ann Nyland and designed to be fed alongside Missy’s Bucket.

The Black Horse mix include ingredients known to be lacking in coastal pastures especially those high in oxalates. A propitiatory blend, it has added Amino Acids, Minerals and Herbs. This mix, when used in conjunction with Missy’s Bucket, is a good addition for horses prone to coat fading and those on Oxalate pastures.

Contains 100 daily doses for the average 500kg horse. Dose according to bodyweight.

Nutritional Supplement Only. This formula belongs to Dr Ann Nyland, the ingredients cannot be disclosed.

This formula is NOT a calcium supplement. Horses Oxalate pastures will need extra calcium added. To save on Postage, Calcium Carbonate, which is cheap and usually easy to find, should be sourced locally and added separately at the rate of around 50g/day for the average sized horse.

This product is a nutritional supplement only as is designed for inclusion in horse feed, this product has no therapeutic effect.

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