Jiao Gu Lan

Jiao Gu Lan provides Nutritional support for horses suffering from hoof pathology, slow hoof growth, weak wall integrity and impaired blood circulation within the hoof.

Jiao Gu Lan has traditionally been used as an adaptogenic herb in Chinese Medicine, helping to strengthen the body and improve blood flow.

This packet contains 600g

Herbs may contain prohibited substances. 

This product is a nutritional supplement only as is designed for inclusion in horse feed, this product has no therapeutic effect.

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Missy's Bucket Jiao Gu Lan Review
I recommend this product

Jiao Gu Lan

I purchased this product for my 28yo who had a serious Laminitis attack which after blood tests was found to be mechanical rather than diet or age related. I researched Jiao Gu Lan and found that it stimulates blood flow to the hoof and increases Nitric Oxide which increases delivery of nutrients and supporting the joints and connective tissue. He has made a full recovery and is on a maintenance dose. I have started another High/Low heel TB and noticing improvements in comfort levels. Would highly recommend as a natural alternative.

Tanya Z.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

A bit too early.

I've been using Jiao Gu Lan for a few weeks now. Because my mare was in Laminitis crisis at the time, her meds were changed as well. So it will be a little longer until I will know if the herb is helping. But I believe it is. She is so much better now.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Feeding Jiao Gu Lan

I initially started feeding Jiao Gu Lan to my QH mare when she got laminitis. I fed it under recommendation from The Equine Cushing & Insulin Resistance group. Jiao Gu Lan promotes hoof growth and encourages the production of a small molecule called nitric oxide, which is an important messenger/signal molecule whose functions among other things is to maintain good circulation through the tissues, relax the blood vessels to allow flow. This really helped with the healing process. My mare really benefitted from it and she also enjoyed eating it from my hand when mixed with a little water.

Victoria (.
Australia Australia