September 22, 2023 2 min read

Spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to focus on getting your horse's coat looking its absolute best. After all, a radiant coat looks lovely and is also a crucial indicator of your horse's overall health. 

Here's how Missy's Bucket Supplements, combined with our Black Horse Supplement, can help you achieve the glossy, healthy coat your horse deserves.

Why Focus on the Coat?

The quality of your horse's coat can be a telling sign of their nutritional status. A lacklustre coat might indicate deficiencies in essential minerals and vitamins your horse needs for optimal health. Understanding these deficiencies is the first step in treating them effectively.

Nutritional Deficiencies Affecting Coat Health

  1. Vitamin A – is often deficient in hay when it's over six months old.
  2. Omega 3 Oils – again often deficient in hay diets and can be supplemented by adding 70-150g of crushed linseeds daily.
  3. Biotin – helpful for skin cells. Dry, flaky skin can mean a deficiency. Feeding 20-30mg/day would be a good start.
  4. Protein & Amino Acids – adequate levels are essential for skin and hair quality. The amino acids lysine and methionine could also be lacking.
  5. Delayed Shedding – failure to shed is a hallmark of Cushing's disease (PPID) and should be treated with pergolide. Consult your vet if you notice irregular shedding patterns in your horse.

The Missy's Bucket Advantage

Missy's Bucket range of supplements offers a targeted, high-dose supplement specifically designed to fill the gaps in your horse's diet. High in copper and zinc and containing zero iron, Missy's Bucket focuses on balancing mineral ratios in your horse's entire diet. This ensures that your horse not only feels good but looks good.

The Power of Black Horse

Recommended by Dr Ann Nyland and created to be used alongside Missy's Bucket, Black Horse tackles the unique challenges coastal and oxalate-rich pastures present. With a special blend of amino acids, minerals, and herbs, Black Horse supports horses prone to coat fading and those grazing on high-oxalate pastures.

The Perfect Pair

When fed as a standalone supplement, Missy's Bucket can make a massive difference to your horse's coat. When used in tandem, particularly for a horse with a black, dark or dappled coat, Missy's Bucket and Black Horse offer a comprehensive approach to equine nutrition that supports the coat and overall well-being. A horse with a shiny coat is often a horse that feels as good as it looks.

Don't Wait, Act Now

Spring is the time to act. Make the proactive choice for your horse's health and add Missy's Bucket and Black Horse to your feeding routine. Not only will you notice improvements in your horse's coat, but you'll also see an uptick in overall health and vitality.

Take a look at our Missy's Bucket Supplements Table to better understand which Missy's Bucket will best suit your horses health requirements. 

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