January 31, 2024 4 min read

As the Australian summer sun arches high and the days turn into warm evenings, our horses are exposed to and feel the season's full effect. While summer brings the joy of long rides, light-filled evenings and the enjoyment of being outdoors, it also ushers in a crucial period for horse owners to focus on their horses' nutrition. 

When we have intense, ongoing heat, this can impact the horses' hydration levels and overall nutrient intake, meaning for many horses, supplementation becomes essential to maintain health.

The Summer Nutritional Challenge

In the summer heat, ridden horses, like athletes, face increased nutritional and hydration needs. Their needs will reflect the level of work they are in (how much they sweat) and where they are located - as this will impact the severity of the summer heat. The combination of sweat loss, decreased appetite, and the diminished nutritional value of dried-out pastures can leave our horses' dietary requirements unmet. It's a time when the proper supplementation isn't just beneficial – it's critical.

Hydration: Beyond Water

Firstly, let's tackle hydration. While water is the most crucial element in keeping a horse hydrated, it's only part of the equation. Electrolytes are vital for regulating hydration and maintaining nerve and muscle function. Like humans, a horse's major cooling system is via sweating, but equine sweat is much higher in electrolytes than human sweat, and the major ones lost in sweat are sodium and chloride, which together make salt. A horse who sweats lightly during an hour of work doubles the sodium requirement. If heavily sweating, the sodium requirement can jump up by 500%!

A great supplement for this is salt, or horses sweating heavily may need an electrolyte. We go into this in detail in this article: Salt. Add it Daily! https://www.missysbucket.com.au/blogs/horse-health/salt-add-it-daily-its-essential-to-your-horse-health-especially-during-summer

Energy Maintenance in the Heat

Energy is another concern during the hotter months. High temperatures can lead to decreased feed intake, which can cause a drop in energy levels. The carefully curated supplement, balanced with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, will minimise this impact.  

Nutrient-Rich Formulation

The quality of pasture inevitably fluctuates with the seasons. The wet start to this summer may bring lush growth, but the ongoing nutritional value can be questionable and will quickly diminish as the pasture dries out. Overgrazed or drought-affected pastures are low in critical nutrients, and what is available may need to be supplemented to bring it to the proper levels for optimal equine health. 

This is where Missy's Bucket fills the gap. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it ensures that horses receive a spectrum of nutrients essential for maintaining health, vitality, and a gleaming coat, even when pastures are at their poorest.

Skin and Coat Health

The harsh Australian sun can bleach coats and damage skin, but Missy's Bucket provides a shield of nutrients that protect and enhance the skin and coat. Zinc and copper are particularly beneficial for maintaining the strength and pigmentation of your horse's coat, ensuring they look as vibrant as the summer itself.

To understand more about looking after your horse's coat in summer, read our article: Suffering From Summer Coat Bleaching? We have the answer! Click here to read more. 

Hoof and Joint Support

Summer conditions can be harsh on hooves, so the biotin and amino acids included in every container of Missy's Bucket are invaluable. They support strong hoof growth and joint health, giving your horse the comfort to move easily with minimal hoof issues.

Digestive Health in the Heat

A healthy gut is crucial for nutrient absorption and overall health, more so in the summer when horses can be prone to gastric upset due to changes in feeding and hydration. Prebiotics and other gut-supporting ingredients in Missy's Bucket promote a balanced gut flora, ensuring that digestion remains steady despite the season. 

The Missy's Bucket Edge

Missy's Bucket has been designed with the Australian horse and their unique environment in mind. The supplement is a concentrated source of zinc, copper, selenium, and biotin, among other vitamins and minerals, addressing common deficiencies in the Australian equine diet. It's a carefully crafted blend that supports overall health and targets areas particularly susceptible to summer stresses, like the skin and hooves.

Ease of Use

One of the standout benefits of Missy's Bucket is its ease of use. In a season where time is precious, the convenience of an all-in-one, once-a-day supplement that covers a broad range of nutritional needs is invaluable. 

The Missy's Bucket Commitment

At Missy's Bucket, the dedication to horse health is unwavering. The brand embodies a harmony of scientific research and a deep understanding of the equine lifestyle, ensuring every scoop of Missy's Bucket is a step towards a vibrant and healthy summer for your horse.

As we relish these longer days, let's ensure our horses receive the nutrition they need to thrive. Missy's Bucket is a testament to the power of proper supplementation, offering your horse their ideal health and vitality. 

Feeding Missy's Bucket will provide your horse with the best nutritional support. This allows you to make the most of every sunny day, knowing your horse is at its best, inside and out.

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