January 13, 2021 3 min read

Missy’s Bucket has add to their current vitamin, mineral and antioxidant horse supplement with a NEW RANGE of products to impove your choice and supplement options. This allows you to only feed what you need, and better serves your specific requirements. 

There are now 4 Missy’s Bucket products including;

  • Missy's Bucket Original Powder
  • Missy's Bucket Original Pellets + Magnesium
  • Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Pellets
  • Missy's Bucket Basics Powder + Magnesium

Missy's Bucket Original Powder was developed over a decade ago to fill a gap in the equine supplement market by providing a quality, value for money, feed balancing concentrate to help horse owners not in a position to test their hay and pasture.

This formula has proven to be such a successful product, being used by thousands of horses throughout Australia, that we haven’t felt the need to change this product for over 10 years! That is until now!! 

The extra time at home that we had due to Melbournes Stage 4 lockdown in 2020, gave us the opportunity to spend some time developing this new range of products.  



This formula is exactly the same as Missy’s Bucket Original Powder, but we have made it in Pellet form and added Magnesium! 

Occasionally we hear that some horses don’t like the taste or smell of Missy’s Bucket Original Powder, making it tricky to mix with the daily feed. Now in Pellet form, the Missy's Bucket Original Pellet + Magnesium, mix is more palatable and easier to combine with a small carrier feed.

With the change to a pelleted mix, Missy’s Bucket is even more complete with added Magnesium.  Saving you from purchasing the Magnesium separately, it also simplifies things at feed time!

We routinely recommend daily supplementation of Magnesium on top of Missy’s Bucket plus salt. Magnesium can help to support horses prone to Laminitis, it also acts as a nervous system calmer. 

Visit the Missy's Bucket Original Pellets + Magnesium Page



One Supplement – All Bases Covered! The Ultimate in Nutritional Support.

Our most premium product Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Pellets is based on Missy’s Bucket Original vitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula, plus we have added Magnesium and multiple Yeast Pre & Probiotics to support and enhance digestion and improve nutrient availability. With the added inclusion of Mycosorb A+, a toxin binder, it also helps to protect against Mycotoxins in the diet.

This formulation makes it easy and affordable to ensure your horse is not only getting the vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need, but also provides powerful, multi-action digestive protection and support.

By supporting & protecting the digestive system, Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus is the ultimate choice for horses needing dietary support, such as:

  • Performance
  • Illness
  • Immune Challenges
  • Competition
  • Travel
  • OTT Recovery
  • Ulcer Recovery
  • Aged & Young Horses
  • Laminitis
  • Skin Issues
  • Hoof Problems
  • Stress
  • Feed/Pasture Changes
  • Digestive Upsets

Visit the Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Page



    This is a Missy's Bucket Mineral Only formula, designed to remedy the most commonly deficient trace mineral imbalances.

    With Missy’s Bucket’s signature high levels of Zinc and Copper, this basic and affordable formula helps to support the health of any horse on primarily pasture and hay diets.

    Missy's Bucket Basics + Magnesium is a simple mineral supplement. It does not contain the full Missy’s Bucket ingredients.

    Visit the Missy's Bucket Basics Page

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