January 27, 2021 2 min read

Wondering which Missy's Bucket product will best suit your horse? Check our this chart to see the main differences between each product:

Wondering about some of those ingredients: 


Has a role in iron metabolism, bone development and maintenance of elastic connective tissue, important for hoof health, coat pigment and the immune system. 


Has a role in general growth and metabolism. Required for normal bone and cartilage development, for maintaining the integrity of skin and mucous membranes, hair and hooves and in wound healing.


As antioxidants they have important roles in preventing cellular oxidation. Necessary for normal growth, immune, muscle function and for fertility.


These Essential Amino Acids have an important role in normal protein synthesis, helping to build top line, they support muscle, coat, hoof and optimal performance. They also aid the liver in detoxification mechanisms.


One of the most Important B Vitamins, Biotin has a role in maintaining the integrity of skin, hair and hooves, nutritionally its particularly relevant for hoof issues.


Has a role in normal thyroid function. Is a component of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolic processes including hair growth.


Has a role in stabilising the nervous system and can ease muscle tightness and sensitivity. Important for the immune and skeletal system, Magnesium may also help support horses prone to Laminitis.


Vitamin A is an essential for vision, immune function, fertility and foetal development, bone and red blood cell production, skin, hoof and eye tissues, it’s also an antioxidant. Vitamin A levels are fragile and can decline quickly in hay diets.


Yea-Sacc is a live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae which supports digestion by stimulating good bacteria in the hindgut and buffering gut acidity. Enhanced enzymatic activity leads to better fibre digestion and higher nutrient retention.


Bio-Mos is derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and has been proven to enhance Gastrointestinal health, improve nutrient availability and the immune system. It also has a strong ability to bind and flush out gut pathogens that cause ill health and disease.


Mycosorb A+ is a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder that protects and defends the digestive system against toxins from mould and fungus in feed, pasture and hay.

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