Customer Testimonials

"I just thought I’d share my experience using Joint Fx. I posted on here a month or so ago, looking for something for my pony who was recovering from a broken shoulder. You recommended Joint Fx and Magnesium. Since then he has had daily doses of the Joint Fx, Magnesium and also Missy’s Bucket (which I was giving him already). Over the last 6 or so weeks I have seen a HUGE improvement in his recovery! This was a 3 month old injury and he had been up and down with his recovery however 6 weeks ago he was having a really hard time with it and was very sore walking, having to take little breaks when he would walk from one area of the yard to the other. He is now walking with barely any lameness, trotting and cantering around. I’m so happy with this and I’ll continue him on it as I’ve heard the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin can prevent arthritis in horses with injuries. Thank you so much!"

Amy G

"All my horses are on Zoe’s diet, including Missy’s Bucket. Their coats are healthy and greasy heal is under complete control.  I’ve had to feed minimal amounts of hay this August only.  This diet is perfect for my horses, 3 mares, one 24, one in-foal 6, and one 2 year old plus a 3 year old gelding. It’s quick and easy to prepare, has been a far cheaper option, and my horses are the better for it."

Amanda F

"Were it not for Zoe, Leo our Shetland would have been put down, to save him further agony due to Ross River Fever and Laminitis. Greatly helped by Zoe with a combination of Acupuncture, Herbs and Missy’s Bucket mineral mix. Along with the Strict Diet Zoe recommended and Barefoot Trimming. Many thanks, so glad we found you.!"

Katrina H