Missy's Bucket

Missy’s Bucket – A highly concentrated formula that offers exceptional value for money

Pasture and Hay diets are deficient in key minerals essential for good health. Missy’s Bucket is a targeted, high dose, concentrated supplement containing the key minerals and vitamins deficient in the average horse diet.

Feed only what you need and none of what you don’t!

One bucket will last the average 500kg horse 100 days.

With high Copper and Zinc Levels and NO IRON, Missy's Bucket work to appropriately balance the mineral ratio's in the whole horse's diet.

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    Missy's Bucket Missy's Bucket Review
    I recommend this product

    The best horse supplement I’ve ever used!!

    My horse has had chronic thrush and terrible feet. Since I started using missy’s bucket, her feet and coat have improved immensely and her thrush is almost cleared! We just received a refill and I can tell you she will be on this magic powder forever!

    Tamara P.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Helping a COVID lock down mate recover from early pregancy

    Big changes in her overall condition.

    Australia Australia

    Looking Good

    We have noticed in all 12 horses that we have had on this product show a significant change in their coat condition and hoof condition. Some have also showed signs of better digestion. We are very happy with Missy's Bucket and recommend it to others to try.

    Suzi D.
    Australia Australia

    Love the stuff

    I’ve had my TB on Missys Bucket for about 18 months. When he first arrived he had shelly, easily cracked feet that were very prone to abscesses. They’re now really tough and haven’t had an abscess for nearly a year. Big tick from me.

    Penny N.
    Australia Australia

    Fantastic product

    Before i bought Missy's Bucket my horse had a dull coat colour and crack down middle hooves. 3 months later you can see the vibrant colour in his coat and his hooves are nice and strong no more cracks and his healthy and happy. I would recommend Missy's Bucket to anyone.

    Jelna M.
    Australia Australia

    Missy's Bucket

    I purchased Missy's bucket because I was concerned that my horses were missing out on vitamins and minerals, they seemed disinterested in any mineral licks I had purchased. My riding mare who I take into the Snowy's and along the Murray had been rather skittish and unwilling of late, I have been feeding Missy's bucket for only two weeks and I can already see how much calmer both mares are with my riding mare returning to the willing companion she was before. Thanks Missy's bucket this product has certainly made a difference.

    Debbie D.

    Missy's bucket

    I have used this for the first time and love it! My horses coat looks beautiful and shiny I will buy this again



    As a first time user of Missys bucket I am very impressed! I started my weanling on it and with a week I was noticing a difference! Definitely a product I will use again and also recommend

    Naomi M.

    Awesome product

    Fantastic supplement, our girls look fantastic and are absolutely glowing with health. Bright eyes, shiny coats, great feet, have not seen anything better in the marketplace.

    Gina W.