July 28, 2021 2 min read

Laminitis can come on at any time of year, but it is terrible for many horses as the spring grass starts to grow. For horses or ponies susceptible to acute laminitis, symptoms come on very suddenly and severely. It can quickly become so extreme that your horse could show great reluctance to walk or appear unable to get up.

Subtle Signs of Laminits

Some of the more subtle signs that your horse may be suffering from Laminitis include:

  • Reluctance to turn
  • Change in their behaviour 
  • A stiffening and shortening of their stride
  • Reluctance to have their hooves picked up
  • Shifting their weight from hoof to hoof
  • Heat in the hoof wall
  • Increased hoof sensitivity when on hard or stony ground
  • A strong digital pulse

Thousands of horses have used Missy's Bucket throughout Australia to help manage the essential need for nutritional support, including balanced vitamins and minerals for prevention, treatment and management of laminitis.

We have an extensive range of free resources and articles that will help you further your understanding and education around the treatment and management of laminitis in your horse or pony.

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Missy’s Bucket Range of feed supplements provides essential nutritional support for Laminitis recovery and prevention. 

Insulin Resistance is the most common cause of Laminitis and Minerals play an important role. A mineral balanced diet is crucial in promoting healthy insulin levels and optimal recovery from Laminitis.

Missy’s Bucket supports horses through Laminitis by providing the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants often deficient in pasture and hay diets. 

Targeted ingredients promote antioxidant defences, balanced immune and thyroid function, normal glucose metabolism, healthy nerve and muscle function, and proper insulin sensitivity. 

  • Zinc supports antioxidant activity and healthy insulin sensitivity. In humans and rats, Zinc deficiency has been associated with IR and type 2 diabetes.

  • Copper provides antioxidant properties; low levels cause IR in rat studies.

  • Selenium supports balanced immune function, antioxidant defences and thyroid function.

  • Iodine promotes healthy thyroid function which is required for insulin sensitivity.

  • Magnesium maintains healthy cellular insulin receptor numbers and supports insulin responsiveness, its link with IR has been well established in humans for decades. Magnesium deficiency can worsen IR and make it harder to control and adequate levels have a protective effect.

  • Amino acids support immune function, muscle and hoof growth

Dietary management including optimal mineral balancing forms the keystone of Laminitis prevention, management and recovery. Along with a low sugar diet, excellent hoof care and an appropriate exercise program, Missy’s Bucket provides the commonly lacking and crucial vitamin and mineral additions for Laminitis support and prevention.

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