March 17, 2023 3 min read

Jarrod Craven, a certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioner, owns and operates Jarrod Craven's Equine Hoofcare Services in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. His business specialises in:
  • natural hoof care
  • laminitis rehabilitation assistance
  • boot fitting
  • hoof pathology rehabilitation assistance
He has also started to supply Missy's Bucket dietary supplements for equines to his clients. Here's Jarrod's story, in his own words.

The Beginning of My Hoofcare Journey

My hoofcare journey started when I was 14. I had a horse that was suffering from severe Lameness. The current hoof care provider we had suggested that our horse had Navicular syndrome. Not comfortable with this suggestion I looked for another opinion. Another opinion I did get Indeed, one that changed my whole outlook on horses from that day on. Unknowingly to me my horse had developed Laminitis.

I then took onboard and implemented the laminitis response plan, Low sugar, High Fibre Diet, 3 to 4 weekly trims (from our new hoofcare provider). When my Trimmer would come over for our appointment I would stay home from school and learn about the trimming, diet, movement and environmental impacts that affect horses. I then started to trim the horse myself in between cycles as they got stretched out to 6 weekly cycles. It then got to a stage where my hoofcare provider was confident in my work and suggested that I carry on my own trimming for our 3 horses. from there on I trimmed My own horses and a few friends horses.

Certification and Starting My Own Business

In 2018, I decided to get certified in hoofcare through ACEHP and started my own hoof care business. Now, with over 10 years of overall trimming experience, I have been running my business for over four years.

My Experience with Missy's Bucket

I had been using another supplement for a little while but wasn't quite happy with the results I was getting. When I questioned the product I was told to up the dose. I persisted with that for a while but still wasn't happy.

My main focus was coat quality, hoof quality, mane and tail quality, and behaviour. I did some research and came across Missys bucket. It provided high levels of copper and zinc (Helps with Immune system, hoof and coat health) , Biotin (strong Hooves), Amino Acids (muscle support and liver aid), and Magnesium (Nervous System and Muscle Support). All essential for optimum Health all round.

Within 3 weeks of changing to Missy's Bucket I saw a huge change in coat condition, mane and tail. The horses coats were rich and glistening, The mane and tails were jet black. About 3-months later I observed the new growth in the hooves, approximately 3 cm from the coronary band down was all shiny and straight, not a stress ring in sight.

All round the horses were in much better condition and health.

Why I Started Recommending Missy's Bucket

From my own Experience using Missy's Bucket I started recommending it to clients. I now have a considerable amount of clients using Missy's Bucket. All are thrilled and pleased with the change in condition and high quality of health.

I have clients with horses in ranging disciplines from Dressage to Show Jumping, Trail riding to Carriage driving. It is a huge help for me in my profession as having horses on such a good supplement reduces the chance of the horses developing a range of Hoof Pathologies such as White Line disease, Thrush, Seedy Toe, Abscessing and Hoof wall cracks.

The supplement is also a great aid in supporting horses that suffer from Laminitis. By helping prevent horses from getting the listed Pathologies the horses grow a strong hoof that can power through a range of terrain. The overall hoof management is easier and beneficial for all involved (Owner, Horse, Hoofcare Provider).

"I cannot recommend this product enough. It has certainly made life easier as an owner and as a hoof care provider. It is by far, in my opinion, the most superior dietary supplement on the market!!!!"

Missy's Bucket dietary supplement has proven to be a valuable addition to Jarrod Craven's hoof care business. By using it, Jarrod and his clients have seen significant improvements in their horses' overall health and well-being.

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