December 04, 2020 2 min read

Name: Alaska
Colour: Chestnut
Supplement: Missy's Bucket

Alaska started being fed Missy's Bucket in September 2020 as her coat was dull and her hooves were in a terrible condition. Issues with her hooves were evident as she struggled to walk on the gravel driveway and was always footsore. She also suffered from thin hoof soles, and the walls of her hooves were weak, cracked and chipped.

Once starting on Missy's Bucket, and gradually building up to feed the full dose, Alaska's owner Elise, began to notice an improvement to her coat within two weeks.

"I noticed that she was much happier to be brushed and groomed. Previously she had been sensitive and thin-skinned. She resented being brushed or hosed. Her attitude has really improved. She is much more tolerant now." said Alaska's owner Elise.

Her sensitivity was not the only noticeable difference, Elise also noticed a marked difference in her energy levels, commenting that she was no longer as lethargic as she used to be.

Alaska's coat (as shown in the photos) has improved exponentially. Once dull, it is now bright and shiny.

"I took her to a clinic in October, and everybody commented on how beautiful and shiny her coat was. They said she glimmered in the sun and stood out as the most glowing horse in the arena." says Elise.

The underlying reason Elise started Alaska on Missy's Bucket was to help improve the state of her hooves. There has been a marked change in her hoof strength. She is now able to walk comfortably on the gravel driveway, and even the farrier has commented on how strong and hard her feet are becoming.

"Overall, I'm really happy with the product. I like that I feed a lot less than other brands and once she got used to it, eats it all up in her morning hard feed. She is on a minimal diet as she is paint bred and the kind of horse who looks at food and gets fat!" says Elise.

Alaska minimal diet includes her Missy's Bucket supplement with 2 cups of soaked Speedie beet, some salt and a sprinkle of Hygain zero pellets for palatability. She also gets netted meadow hay morning and night.

"I like knowing that although she is on a minimal diet, she is getting everything she needs from Missy's Bucket." says Elise.

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