Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Powder + Black Horse

Enhance your horse's digestive health and coat vibrancy with the synergistic combination of Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Powder and Black Horse supplement. This powerful duo is specifically formulated to provide comprehensive support for your horse's nutritional needs.

Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Powder is your go-to for exceptional digestive support. Crafted from our original GUT-Plus formula, this new powder version offers the same powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, now enhanced with yeast pre & probiotics, extra Vitamin A & E, Magnesium, and Mycosorb A+. It's designed to act as a protective shield for your horse’s digestive system, perfect for handling increased stress, health challenges, or any changes in their environment or workload. Available in a convenient 4.5kg size, this powder provides 60 daily servings and maintains our commitment to high-quality, palatable, and economical horse care.

Black Horse, recommended by Dr. Ann Nyland, is a proprietary blend designed to complement Missy's Bucket supplements. Perfect for horses on coastal or oxalate-rich pastures, Black Horse addresses deficiencies with added Amino Acids, Minerals, and Herbs, supporting horses prone to coat fading. It's especially effective for enhancing the natural coat color and ensuring your horse's coat shines with health. Remember, additional calcium may be required for horses on high-oxalate pastures, which can be sourced locally to complement this mix.

Together, Missy's Bucket GUT-Plus Powder and Black Horse provide a robust solution to support both the internal health and external appearance of your horse. This bundle ensures your horse not only looks great but feels great, offering tailored nutritional support to meet the challenges of both everyday and competitive environments.