February 19, 2020 3 min read

Hi, my name is Zoe and I’m the founder of Missy’s Bucket. 

I’m often asked if Missy’s Bucket is stocked at feed stores around the country, and the answer is no that is not an avenue that we have pursued. 

From the outset I would like to establish a couple of points:

Missy’s Bucket is a premium quality product. It is made up of high levels of active ingredients of which the quality is the best we can source. This makes manufacturing the product relatively (compared to some products) expensive.

Making a quality product that is affordable to Australia's horse community is a strong driving motivation of mine. I like doing the best by, and looking after, my loyal customer base.

4 Reasons Why

Here are my 4 reasons why I’ve chosen not to use a distributor to supply my product throughout Australia:


To make using a distributor viable I would need to raise the price of Missy’s Bucket by about 50%. Because this product is my own formulation and manufactured by me there are no middle people involved in the handling and purchasing of the product. This means that the current price that you can purchase Missy’s Bucket for sits well below what it would need to if it was sold through retail stores.

There is the cost of postage added to our products when sold online, but even so, I have done the sums and it still works out more cost-effective for my customers to order direct from me online rather than to buy in stores.


I’ve been painstakingly developing and growing Missy’s Bucket for nearly 10 years now. From its first inception as a supplements solution for a couple of clients back in 2010, to what it is today, keeping thousands of horses around Australia in good health.

I’ve been able to control every aspect of the product and the genuine messaging around the product and it's benefits.

This is important to me as I feel there are many companies out there misleading their customers as to what their products do. Maybe they are just too big and lose touch, looking at the monthly sales report becomes the most important thing, or as its not their own personal product so they don’t care too deeply? Whatever it is, I don’t want that to happen to Missy’s Bucket.


I enjoy being in touch with my customers and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to recognise most of my customers' names, even if I’ve not met them in person.

I have spoken to many of you on the phone at times or via emails, helping you problem solve your horse health challenges and answer questions. I want to be able to provide great customer service and keep in touch with my customers.


The Missy's Bucket shelf life and storage conditions are important. With active ingredients we want you to receive Missy's Bucket full of fresh ingredients, ensuring they are performing at their most effective levels. 

Selling in the way we do allows us to manage regular batch manufacturing, ensuring all product that we sell is fresh. If we were to engage a distributor, manufacturing would need to be done in much larger quantities with the expectation that the product can sit in a warehouse, sometimes for months at a time. This would reduce the freshness of the product and potentially impact its effectiveness as an active supplement. 

But what about the postage? It's expensive!

As my first point about price explained, even with an extra $15-25 for postage, the product is still cheaper than it would be if it were in major retail stores around the country.

AND there are new options for buying in bulk and saving on postage!

We offer a 10% discount on 5 refill bag orders and you will also save a heap on postage this way.

We are also doing big bulk boxes now of 15kg at a huge discount.

Order 1 x bag = $87.50 for 3kg
Order 5 x bags = $78.75 for 3kg
Order 15 kg box = $345 ($69 for 3 kg)

So order for your whole herd or share with friends to save a heap on the product and the postage!

Would you still like to see Missy’s Bucket in stores?

Or are you interested in purchasing Missy's Bucket wholesale and stocking the product? I do deal with a few Farriers, Trimmers and Bodyworkers in Victoria who buy in bulk at Wholesale prices and stock some products for their own customers. I’m happy to do this and can arrange a courier freight option which is often cheaper than AusPost. Contact me if you are interested in this by emailing zoe@myhealthyhorse.com.au

Thanks and happy horsing around!

Zoe Manning

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